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Russians Charged with Meddling in 2016 US Election

Thirteen Russians and three Russian entities have been indicted by a grand jury for interfering in the US presidential elections Läs mer

The Kurdish Challenge That is Bedeviling the US-Turkish Relationship

US support for a Kurdish militia in Syria has become a point of contention in the US-Turkey relationship.

Who are Läs mer

The Munich Security Conference and Transatlantic Security

The annual Munich Security Conference (MSC) which kicks off today may be a veritable who’s who in global security, but Läs mer

Is the Democratic Order Doomed?

The order is holding for now, but the trends are worrisome

The state of the global order one year into Donald Läs mer

Raising the Curtain on MSC: 5 Things to Watch

This weekend marks the start of the annual Munich Security Conference (MSC)—the “Davos of international security”—in Germany. A rolodex of Läs mer

Timeline: How Libya’s Revolution Came Undone

An unusual protest erupted in Libya’s eastern city of Benghazi on February 15, 2011. Enraged by the arrest of a Läs mer

'>Ethiopia's Prime Minister Steps Down

On February 15, Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn resigned following months of sustained protests and pressure from the country’s aggrieved Läs mer

The United States and Turkey: NATO Allies at an Impasse

The US military continues to support a Kurdish militia in Syria that Turkey considers a terrorist organization, and Ankara has Läs mer

'>Russian Casualties and Moscow's Intent

Reporting out of Moscow suggests that some number of armed Russians—up to 200—were killed by the US-led, anti-ISIS coalition after Läs mer