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Bashar al-Assad: A Profile of a Mass Murderer

March 15 marks the seventh year of the Syrian uprising, which at its start resembled other protests across the Läs mer

Britain Expels Russian Diplomats Over Attempted Assassination. Is that Enough?

British Prime Minister Theresa May on March 14 expelled twenty-three Russian diplomats and suspended high-level contacts with Moscow after blaming Läs mer

The Other Firing At State And What That Means

The firing of Steve Goldstein, the suddenly former under secretary of state for public diplomacy and public affairs, will Läs mer

From Russia With Hate

The poisoning of former double agent Sergei Skripal, his daughter, and twenty-one other British citizens in Salisbury is the Läs mer

A State of Mind: Tillerson vs. Pompeo on the Issues, and What that Means for US Foreign Policy

Newly former US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and his replacement, former Central Intelligence Agency Director Mike Pompeo, do not Läs mer

Trump Fires Tillerson

Rex Tillerson is out and Mike Pompeo is in.

On March 13, US President Donald J. Trump fired Secretary of State Läs mer

A Tribute to Wolfgang Ischinger

US Marine Corps retired Gen. James L. Jones, Jr., interim chairman of the Atlantic Council board of directors, delivered this Läs mer

Russia Makes a Killing off its Military Support to Assad

Russia’s state-owned arms company has reaped enormous profits from its support to Bashar al-Assad’s government, which is responsible for war Läs mer

'>The Trump Administration's Sanctions Policy: Competence and Questions

In a speech March 9 at the Atlantic Council, US Department of Treasury Undersecretary Sigal Mandelker, the Trump administration’s top Läs mer

A Trail of Broken Ceasefires in Syria

Though ostensibly a tool to pause fighting between regime and rebel forces in Syria, the latest ceasefire attempt on February Läs mer