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A ‘Band-Aid’ for Syria

US decision to deploy Special Operations Forces will not change situation significantly, says Atlantic Council’s Frederic C. Hof

The Obama administration’s Läs mer

Wanted: A ‘Comprehensive Strategy’ to Deal with Russia

Georgian Foreign Minister says Western ‘passivity’ encourages Moscow, discourages regional countries

The West needs to develop a “comprehensive strategy” to counter Läs mer

US and Allies Conduct First Intercept of Ballistic Missile over Europe

From US Navy: USS Ross (DDG 71) successfully intercepted a ballistic missile in the North Atlantic Ocean during the Läs mer

The Old World and the New Economy

20151029 econographics

One of the most significant challenges currently facing European leaders is how to shepherd their economies, particularly their businesses, into Läs mer

Turkey Votes: Heading into a Familiar Deadlock?

The Atlantic Council’s Aaron Stein says second round of voting is unlikely to produce a clear winner

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Läs mer

Europe Must Pay More of its Own Defense

Russia’s military posture makes the NATO alliance between the United States, Canada, and Western Europe more crucial than at any Läs mer

NATO Looks at Stationing More Troops Along Eastern Flank

NATO countries are discussing increasing the number of troops stationed in members bordering Russia and putting them under formal alliance Läs mer

Five Steps to Unleash Ukraine’s Economy

Ukraine faces numerous challenges that would be hard for any government to address. However, it must implement economic reforms to Läs mer

US Trade Representative Froman Confident Congress Will Back TPP

A trade deal negotiated by the Obama administration and eleven other Pacific Rim countries, while not perfect, will eventually win Läs mer

Carl Bildt Warns of Continuous Cyber Conflict

In a way, we are already in a low-level continuous conflict in cyberspace. Läs mer