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US Concerned About the Kremlin’s Ties to Russian Cyber Gangs

In Russia, ”there are private actors, there are government actors, and there are some that have almost a contractual relationship Läs mer

'>Ukraine's New Police Are an Expression of a "Civil" State

Almost two years after the Euromaidan demonstrations began, most Ukrainians agree that the pace of reforms has been largely disappointing. Läs mer

'>Snapshots of Ukraine's Five Hottest Elections

Ukrainians go to the polls on October 25 to elect mayors and city councils. These local elections matter more than Läs mer

A Bold and Optimistic Strategy for Europe

US President Barack Obama recently derided critics of his foreign policies as offering merely mumbo-jumbo. Yet everyone can Läs mer

'>Secretary General: NATO Needs 'Strong Forces' to Prevent War

NATO’s deterrence is significant and it is real. If Turkey needs NATO’s help, NATO will be there. Läs mer

The Role of Egypt in Russia’s New Power Play in the Middle East

In a GOP debate hosted by CNN, Senator Marco Rubio asserted that Russia is ”trying to replace (the United Läs mer

Can Diplomacy Save Ukraine?

Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in March 2014, NATO has been wrestling with its new relationship with a belligerent Moscow. Läs mer

UK Calls for NATO to Restart Special Nuclear Exercises

Announcing plans to double Nato’s rapid-Response Force to 40,000 troops after a meeting in Brussels, Britain called for a return Läs mer

For Libya, ‘the First Step in a Long Journey’

The Atlantic Council’s Karim Mezran discusses a UN plan for a national unity government in Libya

The announcement by Läs mer

Letter from Strasbourg (Part Three): A French Defense Update

Insights from the 13th annual ”summer defense college,” in Strasbourg. Läs mer