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Halfway There on National Unity in Ukraine

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has lost the battle for the hearts and minds of the predominantly Russian-speaking regions of eastern Läs mer

Top NATO General: Russians Starting to Build Air Defense Bubble Over Syria

While Russia’s stated goal in moving into Syria is to fight the Islamic State, NATO’s top commander believes Russia’s new Läs mer

Will Assad Rescue Putin from the Ukrainian Quagmire?

For fifteen years, Gleb Pavlovsky worked as an adviser to Russian Presidents Boris Yeltsin, Vladimir Putin, and the one-term Dmitry Läs mer

How Does The Most Recent Greek Bailout Deal Compare With The Past Two Agreements?

20150929 econographic

The latest Memorandum of Understanding between the EU Institutions and the Greek Government passed in August, leaves Tsipras only one Läs mer

'>Five Recommendations for Strengthening NATO's Response to Russian Aggression

Russia’s actions in Ukraine, as well as its military build-up and threatening words and behavior in the Baltic Sea region, Läs mer

'>Ukraine's Leaders Must Engage Disillusioned Citizens Now

In many respects, Ukraine is unrecognizable from the place it was a mere two years ago. Civic engagement has clearly Läs mer

'>Colombian President Santos' Quest for Peace

Atlantic Council Global Citizen Award recipient shunned popularity in bid for peace with leftist guerillas

The Atlantic Council will honor Läs mer

'>General Dempsey: NATO has Taken Deterrence 'For Granted'

Dempsey sees yet more escalating crises while Washington and other Western capitals slash defense budgets, still vainly searching for a Läs mer

A Gift to Putin

An odd thing happened on President Barack Obama’s way to New York for meetings at the UN with world leaders. Läs mer

Is Syria Putin’s Off-Ramp from the Ukraine Crisis?

Ever since Moscow’s ”little green men” appeared in Crimea, the West has been anxious to provide Russian President Vladimir Putin Läs mer