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China and Russia Announce First Joint Naval Exercise in the Mediterranean

The Chinese Navy will hold joint exercises with Russia in the Mediterranean in May, China’s Defense Ministry said Thursday, a Läs mer

A Night to Remember

Breedlove, Ghani, Hewson, and Keith receive Atlantic Council’s Distinguished Leadership Awards

What do Gen. Philip M. Breedlove, Ashraf Ghani, Marillyn A. Läs mer

Imagining Solutions to Society’s Most Pressing Problems

A Brazilian woman trying to interest her fellow citizens in municipal politics joined a State Department official, a Pentagon strategist, Läs mer

Takeaways from the Global Strategy Forum

The Washington establishment is unprepared for the technological and geopolitical risks of the future, America is losing influence around the Läs mer

Commander of US Military in Europe Sees Signs of Russia Preparing Another Offensive

Compared to just one year ago, Europe faces a very different, and much more challenging security environment.one with significant, lasting Läs mer

Is the United States Really Indispensable?

Analysts debate US role in the face of global challenges

President Bill Clinton, speaking in 1996 on the US-backed NATO military Läs mer

France to Boost Defense Spending to Fight Terrorism

From NBC News: France will increase its defense budget by 3.8 billion euros ($4.2 billion) over four years from Läs mer

Would You Care More About Climate Change if You Knew it Would Change Your Life?

Panel discusses ‘power of narrative’ in getting message across on important issues and preparing for future challenges

Do you care much Läs mer

Enhancing Foresight: Experts See a Future of Robot Swarms, DNA-Modified People

Tiny robots that can predict the exact fruit yield of apple trees while helping farmers cut water usage. Drone swarms Läs mer

'>Ukraine's Volunteer Battalions Must Join the Military or Sheath the Sword

The Ukrainian army faces growing criticism from within its ranks after humiliating defeats at Debaltseve and Ilovaisk in eastern Ukraine. Läs mer