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Top US General in Europe says NATO Alliance is Strong

Nine months after NATO’s summit in Wales, and with less than a year to go before NATO’s next gathering in Läs mer

Don’t Fall for Putin’s Game, Warn European Officials

Kremlin strategy seen rooted in distracting West with propaganda and splintering alliance

Russian President Vladimir Putin has a strategy clearly aimed Läs mer

NATO Seeks Higher Montenegro Public Support for Membership

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said in Podgorica that Montenegro’s membership bid is in ”the crucial phase” and that it will Läs mer

Poland Says Next NATO Summit Should Invite Macedonia, Montenegro to Join

The former Yugoslav republics of Macedonia and Montenegro should be invited to join NATO when it holds its next summit Läs mer

With World Focused on Ukraine, Russia Makes Moves on Georgia

Georgian official draws parallels between Putin’s treaties with breakaway provinces and annexation of Crimea

While the world focuses its attention on Läs mer

Polish Leaders Urge Solidarity for Ukraine

Officials stress they don’t seek confrontation with Russia

Top Polish officials June 12 exhorted the transatlantic community to show solidarity with Läs mer

IMF: Ghani has Shown Afghanistan is ‘Open for Business’

Fund official says administration in Kabul still has to overcome some ’bottlenecks’

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has shown the world that Läs mer

Infographic: Transformation of NATO Forces After Wales Summit

Explanation and analysis of changes in the Alliance based on decisions made at the NATO summit in Wales. Läs mer

Russia’s Buildup Along Ukraine’s Border Doesn’t Mean What You Think It Does

Much has been made about the tactics and military doctrine driving Russian operations in eastern Ukraine. Some analysts see Russia Läs mer

Here’s How to Ensure Radical Transparency in Ukraine: Install Cameras Everywhere

On Saturday, June 6, approximately 200 people gathered in the great hall of the Vyshhorod state administration building to welcome Läs mer