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Barzani: ‘An Independent Kurdistan is Coming’

Kurdish leader says region will hold referendum after ISIS has been defeated

Iraq’s Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) will hold a referendum Läs mer

NATO’s Cybermen

There are six men. All dressed in black like the ones in the famous movie. They have black cases too Läs mer

'>Is this France's Own Patriot Act?

Controversial surveillance rules unlike the ‘knee-jerk’ US law passed after 9/11, says Atlantic Council’s Dungan

Controversial surveillance rules passed May 5 Läs mer

Creating the Digital Single Market


E-Commerce still largely within national borders

Läs mer

Standing Up to a ‘Revanchist Russia’

NATO’s top military commander says Russia set on ‘strategic competition’ with West

A ”revanchist Russia” would use violence to alter international Läs mer

NATO Moves Command HQ to Romania for Military Exercise

From Alison Mutler, AP: NATO will briefly move an allied joint force command headquarter to Romania as the alliance Läs mer

No War, No Peace—But Always a Place at the Table for Russia

Russia’s track record in the long-simmering conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan is consistent with Russian efforts in Moldova, Georgia, and Läs mer

Ukraine Debt Deal Could Spark Chain Reaction

Ukraine’s economy is in crisis. Experts warn that the country’s gross domestic product could shrink by 6 to 12 percent Läs mer

US Officials Reveal Russia Increasing Control Over Militants in Ukraine

American officials briefed on intelligence from the region say Russia has significantly deepened its command and control of the militants Läs mer

The British are Voting: Here’s What You Need to Know

‘It is not important that Britain is not important,’ says Atlantic Council’s Dungan

If one thing is nearly certain about Britain’s Läs mer