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NATO is Stronger With Montenegro

In his interview with US President Donald J. Trump, Tucker Carlson of Fox News asked why the United States Läs mer

NATO Summit a Success, For Now

Budgetary bombast aside, the agenda in Brussels was a political success, but the proof will be in the subsequent grunt Läs mer

Reflecting on Mandela’s Centenary

In the predawn hours of July 18, 1918, not far from the medieval cathedral town of Soissons in northeastern France, Läs mer

The Atlantic Council’s Inaugural UK Cyber 9/12 Student Challenge

How do you respond to a cyberattack on a European airport, manipulation of UK aviation financial markets, and two emerging Läs mer

Trump on NATO Summit: ’Yes, There Was Fighting’

[Excerpts from joint press conference by President Donald Trump and British Prime Minister Theresa May, July 13, 2018] Läs mer

A Bad Summit

First, a caveat: the public knows little of what happened in the one-on-one meeting (happily, there was reportedly an American Läs mer

Recommendations from the July 16 Inter-Parliamentary Meeting at the Atlantic Council

  • Foreign interference in elections is an attack on citizens’ fundamental right to freely select their representatives and to determine the Läs mer

Senators Rubio and Warner Push Back on Trump’s Press Conference with Putin

US Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA) described as “outrageous” US President Donald J. Trump’s July 16 press conference with Russian President Läs mer

Trump Picks Putin

US President Donald J. Trump on July 16 appeared to believe Russian President Vladimir Putin’s denials over the US intelligence Läs mer