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Do Sanctions Work After All?

20150428 Econograhic

International Relations scholars disagree about whether economic sanctions are an effective tool to coerce countries to follow a certain course Läs mer

Klitschko: Economic Success Will Unite Country

Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko is no pushover. The former professional boxer turned politician has never been knocked down in a Läs mer

Allies Worried About Britain’s Drift From Global Stage

Its military reach has diminished. It has played little role in confronting Russia over Ukraine and strictly limited its response Läs mer

The Russian Winter

putin helicopter

By ATA President Fabrizio W. Luciolli

The Prague Spring

For Alexander Dubček ”Democracy is not only the ability and the right to Läs mer

Building Lasting Security – The Role of ATA


Beyond its operational role, NATO has the skill and practice as a political actor to provide far reaching assistance in Läs mer

The Looming Threat of Global Instability


As what is perhaps the most effective international organization in history, NATO’s role over the years goes beyond security and Läs mer