NATO membership of Finland and Sweden

NATO’s door is now open to Finland and Sweden. The Atlantic Council of Finland and the Swedish Atlantic Council suggest that both countries should make national decisions on applying for NATO membership jointly at the earliest convenience. Both Atlantic Councils support the rapid accession of Finland and Sweden to NATO as well as the progress of membership processes at a timely basis. Close mutual coordination between countries in all stages of the accession process as well as the similar timelines regarding decisions on the NATO membership are of paramount importance. Together Finland and Sweden have better premises for the accession negotiations with NATO.

Finland and Sweden share the same security environment. NATO membership of both countries would strengthen regional security and increase stability in Northern Europe. NATO membership would strengthen defense capabilities and increase both countries’ influence on security related matters in the neighboring region. With Finland´s and Sweden’s NATO memberships, all the Nordic countries would be members of NATO. That would inherently constitute a safe and stable operating environment for international investments.

Finland and Sweden are part of the West, Member States of the European Union and NATO’s Enhanced Opportunities Partners. Both countries have worked closely with NATO for nearly thirty years. Finland and Sweden are considered as security providers which would bring advantages and added value to the Alliance. With NATO membership of Finland and Sweden, the North would become united and undivided.

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