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Infographic: Transformation of NATO Forces After Wales Summit

Explanation and analysis of changes in the Alliance based on decisions made at the NATO summit in Wales. Läs mer

'>Russia’s Buildup Along Ukraine's Border Doesn’t Mean What You Think It Does

Much has been made about the tactics and military doctrine driving Russian operations in eastern Ukraine. Some analysts see Russia Läs mer

Here’s How to Ensure Radical Transparency in Ukraine: Install Cameras Everywhere

On Saturday, June 6, approximately 200 people gathered in the great hall of the Vyshhorod state administration building to welcome Läs mer

NATO Publics Reluctant to Provide Military Aid to Allies Under Attack

Going forward, most NATO members are willing to provide economic aid to Ukraine and offer it NATO membership. Läs mer

At Last, Some Good News for Mexico’s Peña Nieto

Strengthening of ruling coalition in midterm elections will boost President’s reform agenda, says Atlantic Council’s Schechter

Mexico’s June 7 mid-term elections, Läs mer

United States Cannot Lead from Behind in the Arctic

Even as the United States celebrates the beginning of its chairmanship of the Arctic Council, it hesitates to take leadership Läs mer

Everything You Thought You Knew About Right-Wing Parties is Wrong

The Russian government and its proxies in eastern Ukraine have consistently branded Kyiv’s government a fascist junta and accused it Läs mer

Norway To Participate in NATO Missile Defense System

Norway has agreed to play a role in the Nato missile defence system, with Prime Minister Erna Solberg saying that Läs mer

'>Putin Has No Desire for Peace, Says Ukraine's Prime Minister

Russian President Vladimir Putin has no desire to end the war in eastern Ukraine, said Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk Läs mer