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About us

The Swedish Atlantic Council is a non-governmental association. Its purpose is to promote a broad and well-informed debate about the conditions and objectives of Swedish security policy. The Council places particular emphasis on the role of Sweden, as an EU member, as a close partner to NATO and the need for a stronger transatlantic link for peace and security in Europe and beyond.

The Swedish Atlantic Council is a member of the Atlantic Treaty Association, which is based in Brussels and represents 37 national associations in Europe and North America. The Atlantic Treaty Association aims to strengthen the transatlantic link and promote the values of the North Atlantic Treaty such as peace, freedom, security and democracy.


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Swedish Atlantic Council conducts its activities in various forms, including through conferences, study tours, outreach activities and publications.

Atlantic Pubs

The traditional Atlantic pubs have been held for many years. Speakers, among others, have been the commander in chief, diplomats, academics and journalists.

Conferences and seminars

In recent years, the Council has arranged a series of conferences with inter alia Society and Defence, the National Defence College, foreign embassies and NATO Public Diplomacy Division.

Atlantic Round Table

The Round Table format is, as the name suggests, a discussion forum with a smaller circle of participants. It has usually been carried out in cooperation with the National Defence College.

Atlantic Dialouge

Atlantic Dialouge at the Embassy of Poland


Atlantic Dialogues

This form of mini-seminars on a selected country usually take place in the respective country’s embassy with lectures by for example an ambassador or a national expert with subsequent discussion and mingle.

Study trips

Representatives of the Atlantic Council regularly visit their sister societies in Europe and participates in international conferences.



Swedish Atlantic Youth Council (SAKU) is a network for young professionals interested in security policy issues. SAKU organizes pub evenings and seminars with guest speakers to discuss current security policy topics. SAKU is part of the Youth Atlantic Treaty Association (YATA). YATA is an international forum which works to strengthen the transatlantic partnership. YATA also offer international seminars and events. For more information see http://yata-international.org/

To take advantage of SAKU ’s events send an email to gustaf.gothberg@moderat.se.

Information about SAKU is also available on Facebook in Swedish Atlantic Council and Twitter.



Göran Lennmarker, Chairman, former Member of Parliament


Erik Balod, Secretary General


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Ambassador Henrik Landerholm

Founder and first Chairman,

Former Director of the Swedish National Defence College, Chairman of the Defence Committee

Dr. Ann-Sofie Dahl

Founder of SAK and its first Secretary General 1996-1998


Associate, Professor of Political Science, Copenhagen.

Vice President of ATA 2002-2005

Former Chairmen

Ambassador Michael Sahlin 2010-2013

Director of Research Jan Foghelin 2008-2010

Ambassador Mats Bergquist 2008

Ambassador Henrik Liljegren 2006-2008

Colonel Bo Hugemark 1998-2006